Are you on a journey towards deeper faith, or considering a journey?

That’s exactly where I am today – on a faith journey with many twists and turns. I hope that we may listen to one another on that journey and grow together.

Now the journey has taken me to pursuing ordained ministries in The United Methodist Church, to bring its message of hope to a changing world. As a student going back to school after many years away from academics, and, now, as a Pastor, I bring many life experiences to my studies and my ministries, as well as many professional experiences.

What I Believe

I believe that everyone finds their own path to faithful living, but I invite and encourage people to discover authentic Christian faith in a community of other believers. We cannot do it alone – this was the heart of Jesus’ teachings to his disciples, and we need to continue to practice this today, with people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all lifestyles. The people who we may think don’t have much to teach us often become our best teachers.

I believe strongly in the faith principles expressed by the United Methodist Church. They encourage us to explore faith that is rooted in scriptures, affirmed by ancient and modern Christian traditions, enlivened by our real-world experiences, and tested by reason. This is a faith that comes into our hearts, so that through God’s power we may serve the world as God serves us.

What I Do

I am a half-time student Pastor at South Meriden Trinity United Methodist Church in Meriden, CT, and I am a half-time seminarian studying at Yale Divinity School. I have served as a Seminarian Associate at First United Methodist Church Middletown, as a Clinical Pastoral Education associate at Middlesex Hospital, and I have preached at more than a dozen churches and institutions as a Certified Lay Servant. I blog, podcast and write regularly, with more to come soon focused on faith topics.


The full details here: (PDF)


Currently enrolled in the Master of Divinity program of Yale Divinity School. B.A., English: Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut. Post-graduate studies in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Business Analysis, Financial Markets, Structured Systems Analysis,  Advanced Communications Networks and Theology.


I love to travel, to enjoy the world’s many cultures and to help people everywhere to understand how to work together for a greater good. My family and I also love nature, sailing, music and visual arts of all kinds, and appreciate things from the ancient past, today and tomorrow’s leading edge. I am devoted to my faith, but equally eager to accept all people of all backgrounds and walks of life as a part of living out that faith. I live in Guilford, CT with my wife and son, and I am very grateful for a supportive family and my many friends who encourage me on my faith journey.