I’ve owned the domain shore.com since 1997, and it’s blessed me in many ways. When I was first starting out as a consultant many years ago, it gave me the courage to stick my neck out and to say that I was someone worth recognizing. Who’s John Blossom? Shore.com. Where do you work? Westport, Connecticut. ‘Nuff said.

Why shore.com? Well, in my college days I was the general manager and then the president of our college radio station, in an era when we were able to set it up as an FM radio station for the first time. I caught the media bug then, and I’ve had it ever since.

kzromapWhen the U.S. government was proposing to change regulations for FM radio stations after we graduated, a friend of mine and I got out a map of Connecticut and discovered a mile-square spot in Old Lyme where the new regs would allow a 50,000 watt FM radio station antenna to broadcast. Wow, what an opportunity. We did all sorts of feasibility research and quickly filed an application with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to grab a broadcasting licence. But then a new President came to Washington, D.C., with different ideas and friends and – oops – no more spots for new 50,000 watt radio stations in Connecticut.

The company that we used to file that application was called Shore Communications.

In 1996, poking around the Web at a conference in London, I discovered that shore.com was an address that someone owned, but they weren’t doing much of anything with it. I asked them if I could have it. They said yes. I sent them $100 as a thank-you gift, and then decided that I would need a corporation to protect my work at shore.com. Hence, Shore Communications Inc. was born.

After fifteen years of consulting, people in the content industry pretty much know who I am and what Shore is all about. I have well-established social media presences, and people know where to find me. So after moving from Westport to Guilford, CT, it seemed like a good time to sell shore.com and to shift my Web presence to reflect a growing portfolio of activities that I am taking on. Shore Communications Inc. certainly lives on, and it remains my primary professional focus But who I am and what I do is often much more than Shore these days, so I thought it a good time to get things in line with that reality.

My shore.com presence will be moving shortly to shorecominc.com, and ContentBlogger will be moving as well, soon to be homed at contentblogger.johnblossom.com but with a referral link from contentblogger.com.  This will give my profile some search engine juice, which is probably the best way to handle my presence online right now.

Thanks, shore.com. You gave me the inspiration to try things that I would have never dared try otherwise. I hope that it’s new owner is as inspired by you as I was. And now, on to new things, things which I hope will inspire me and others even moreso.